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About us

Toscana is a family-run Italian restaurant established in 2012 and located across from The National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. Toscana goes to great lengths to provide fresh ingredients, an unforgettable and personal dining experience, and filling dishes inspired by the very best of fine Northern Italian cuisine.


Our owner and master of cuisine, Tony Pepaj (formerly known as Chef Antoine Pepaj) is the creator of the menu and Toscana brand overall. After immigrating from his hometown Breckoc, Kosovo to New York, NY in 1969, Tony has spent the past 50 years perfecting his cooking through recipes and restaurants to bring you a unique and transformative dining experience. 

Celebrate your wedding day, birthday bash, holiday fiesta company luncheon, and any other special day with us.

HALF TRAY serves approx. 10 people

LARGE TRAY serves approx. 20 people

For more information, booking and requests Contact Us

CHICKEN PARMESAN $25 half  $65 large

PENNE ALA VODKA  $25 half  $65 large

PASTA PRIMAVERA  $25 half  $65 large

PENNE BOLOGNESE  $25 half  $65 large

EGGPLANT ROLLATINI  $30 half  $70 large

MEATBALLS  $40 half  $90 large

CHICKEN MARSALA  $40 half  $90 large

CHICKEN FRANCAIS  $40 half  $90 large

CAESAR SALAD  $20 half  $30 large

MIXED GREEN SALAD  $20 half  $30 large

VEAL MARSALA  $50 half  $115 large

SEAFOOD SALAD  $60 half  $150 large

SEAFOOD SALAD  $60 half  $150 large

SHRIMP PLATTER  $70 half  $220 large

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